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The essence of Design-Build construction is simplicity. Unlike other methods where owners juggle multiple contracts and often conflicting recommendations, the Design-Build approach offers a single point of responsibility. Through Design-Build, we align the owner’s vision with the project’s goals, streamlining the process, cutting costs, and ensuring a smooth experience for you. 


This testimonial confirms the standard of excellence Koetter Construction exhibited in the construction of the fourth church structure at St. Mary of the Knobs Catholic Church. Koetter Construction’s professional workmanship and attention to detail in this newest structure will ensure that the parish continues its presence in the community to fulfill its Mission. Our partnership has been rewarding and we are very pleased.
Rev. H. Michael Hilderbrand
St. Mary’s of the Knobs Church

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Why Design-Build with The Koetter Group?

Unified Team Approach: Architects, engineers, and construction professionals work together, ensuring seamless integration of all project elements.

Cost & Time Efficiency: By overlapping design and construction phases, we ensure rapid project delivery within your budget.

Accountability: A single contract means there’s clear responsibility, resulting in fewer claims and no litigation.

Design-Build Process Simplified

Selecting a Design-Builder: Start by selecting a team with the best credentials, experience, and expertise. We guide you to make the best-informed choice for your needs.

Pre-construction Assessments: A thorough understanding of your business, financial needs, and facility requirements ensures a project plan tailored for you.

Architectural Design: Strategic design meets aesthetics. Using innovative technologies like 5D Macro-BIM, we visualize and optimize designs in real-time.

Construction: With concurrent design and construction, our team delivers on aggressive schedules while maintaining quality standards.

Post-construction: A thorough handover, including walk-throughs, training, and documentation, ensures you’re set up for success.

Unlock The Benefits of Design-Build

Rapid Delivery: Concurrent design and construction phases translate to projects delivered faster.

Smooth Process: Enjoy a hassle-free experience with aligned recommendations and clear accountability.

Innovative Solutions: Beyond traditional ideas, we provide solutions best suited for the project’s unique needs.

Transparent Communication: A team-oriented approach ensures all stakeholders stay informed and involved throughout.

Cost Savings with Design-Build

Believe it or not, Design-Build often means reduced construction costs. Our commitment to efficiency, smart design, and transparent processes can lead to tangible savings for you. Experience the best in class solutions without the hefty price tag.

Discover More: Enhance your knowledge and understand the intricacies of the Design-Build method. Dive deep into our guide on strategic architectural design and explore how we ensure every project is a testament to excellence.

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