In 1954 Bob Koetter Sr. and his wife Gladys started a small business framing houses. At that time, it was called “Bob Koetter Construction”. In addition to framing houses, on nights and weekends Bob and Gladys worked their family farm in Floyds Knobs, Indiana all while raising their 5 boys.   

In 1971 a developer from New Albany, Indiana that Bob had been building houses for could not make his payments. Instead Bob was offered a truck, trailer, forklift, welder and a metal building franchise…and Koetter Construction started transforming into a Commercial and Industrial Contractor.

Now a third-generation family business, The Koetter Group is owned by all 5 of Bob & Gladys’ sons, Phil, Jack, Kenny, Bob Jr. and Wayne. With their leadership along with six third-generation employees, as well as many other dedicated employees, we still have ingrained in us the same honesty and integrity Bob & Gladys started with in 1954 and carried throughout their lifetime. What began in a little white two-bedroom house on Pete Andres Road over 65 years ago, has grown through several renovations and office additions into what The Koetter Group has become today, still in the same location. 

Built on tradition and specializing in Construction, Real Estate, Building Services and K-RAX, The Koetter Group has grown into one of the largest full service, design-build general contractors and commercial developers of Southern Indiana and the Greater Louisville Kentucky area. We have completed projects in manufacturing, industrial, educational, retail, religious, healthcare, offices, recreational, medical, wine & spirits, as well as hospitality and entertainment markets. Our highly talented and experienced employees truly make the difference. From start to finish we are dedicated to quality construction and focused on customer satisfaction.

We had high expectations and our expectations were exceeded. The Koetter Group has developed a great team. Quality service like this is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort. We look forward to working with Koetter again on the next new McAlister’s Deli restaurant. Thanks for letting the “A-Team” work with us.”

Jim Gillenwater, Jr.
McAlister’s Deli


Our team consists of highly skilled people ready to take on new challenges, adapt to changes and complete a project on time. Since 1954, our strong work ethic and unique culture has been and continues to be a direct reflection of our leaders. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure a quality project and exceptional experience.

Phil Koetter
Chief Operating Officer
John L. “Jack” Koetter
CEO, The Koetter Group, Broker, Real Estate Services
Kenny Koetter
Vice President of Operations Steel Division
Bob Koetter Jr.
Wayne Koetter
Vice President of Operations Site & Concrete Divisions
Derek Barnes
Drew Blankenship
Gene Burgan
Site Division Manager
Deon Carr
Administrator of Building Services
Fred Clunie
Project Manager
Richard Combs
Facility Manager Real Estate Services
Jason Emly
Director of Real Estate Development
Adam Engle
Safety Director
John Engle
Senior Project Manager
Kim Ferber
Anthony Ferrera
Assembly Plant Manager
Amanda Fox
Kenny Fritz
Project Manager
Mark Gentry
Concrete Division Manager
Courtney Aguilar
Permit Coordinator
Grant Goad
Assistant Superintendent
Wanda Haming
Director of Finance Real Estate Services
Eric Heckert
Donna James
Executive Administrative Assistant / Benefits Manager
Butch Jerrell
Brian Keith
Director of Building Services
Brage Koetter
Steel Division Project Manager
Evan Koetter
Mitch Koetter
Project Manager
Todd Magner
Vice President of Sales & Estimating
Ed Michal
Fleet & Equipment Manager
Nick Moses
Hardscape Division Manager
Dave Myers
Steel Division Manager
Jeff Richardson
Assistant Masonry Division Manager
John Riley
Director of Human Resources
Larry Rothbauer
Special Projects
Larry Schell
Masonry Division Manager
Todd Schindler
Certified Fall Protection Project Manager
Greg Schmidt
Chief Financial Officer
Dave Seewer
Design Services Manager
David Shepard
Assistant Superintendent
Josh Smalley
Mark Stepp
Certified Fall Protection Operations Manager
Matt Stiles
Assistant Concrete Division Manager
Rob Striegel
Steel Division Manager
Mike Thompson
Repairs & Maintenance Project Manager
Hayley Vaughn
Marketing Director
Kerry Watts
Design Services
Lisa Williams
Administrator of Sales & Estimating
Jeffrey Wilmoth
Todd Zurschmiede

Core Values

Be Solution-Oriented

When there is a problem, we look for a solution, not to assign blame. We work together using critical thinking to solve problems. 

Demonstrate Adaptability 

We are always open to fresh ideas. If there’s a way to improve on a current practice, we want to hear about it. We’re eager and willing to adapt and improve. 

Be a Trustworthy Teammate 

We put the goals of the team before our individual needs. We strive to motivate others by maintaining a strong work ethic and a cooperative atmosphere. 

Deliver on Promises and Drive Value 

Our goal is to deliver on promises and quality the first time. We accomplish this by listening to customers, asking key questions, and demonstrating the merits of what we do. 

Be an Ambassador in All You Do 

We hold ourselves personally accountable for representing the values of our company. By exhibiting professionalism and treating others with respect, we make a positive contribution to the community.